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293.Youtube by blissfulangel1994 293.Youtube :iconblissfulangel1994:blissfulangel1994 1 0 Waiting For Fish by Yesterdays-Paper Waiting For Fish :iconyesterdays-paper:Yesterdays-Paper 90 11 Good morning by Myore
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May the Source be with You Icon giant by linux-rules

Requests, commissions - closed closed by Angi-Shy Closed!!!

But you can still reply here:…

Thank you for the support!

and without having given me a llama / watch

You used any of my non-sofware icons, either funny/animated iconsAstronaut spinning (1C) Icon (animation), dA related icons Stacks view deviantart (on) IconCake badge simple Icon ultramini, icons of companies/fandomWings of Fire Wikia Icon Hasbro (2009) Icon , unown icons Unown ? (Pokemon Black White, animation) Icon , cute icons Squirrel Icon (animacion), sauron icon Sauron (eye, animated) Icon , totally spies icons Alex (2) (Totally Spies) Icon , icons that I republished from deleted sources Social Network Smileys pack by Mirzjiles, or software icons used in diffferent ways :)  Threadless (pen) Icon 

That is perfectly fine and I love it. Please, use them as much as you can. So I gave a llama. This journal pretends to be a gathering of all my previous journals that had useful tips:

General for all artists

Progams for Painting/vector/photomanipulationI tried to order them from most interesting to less interesting ones, thinking as the drawing ones as most interesting and photomanipulation ones the least interesting (also, there are a lot of more photomanipulation apps than drawing apps). For me open source is a strong point in favour while commercial is a strong point against.
All icons should include a link to the official page. You can report to me if not. Also, take a look to Alternativeto (black) Icon ultra. Painting programs
The list is not complete, obviously. If you know about some software not listed here, please tell me in the comments.
Krita Icon Krita. Most people talk wonders about it. Open source. Free.
MyPaint Icon My Paint. Open source. Free.

General for Deviantart

Llama (en/es)Hello! You gave me a llama. I give you a llama back.
You are encouraged to use the icons I adapted to deviantart to show which tool, software, company or social web you used in the making of a deviation, in a journal, status post or comment. :) (Smile)
I also doing some stocks.
If you use a tool, software or social web (or credit a character or company) I don't have the icon for, please tell me.
If you want 16x16 icons, you can search in my gallery by using the media menu and adding ultramini to the name of the software/etc you are searching.
There are currently 5 sizes: big (very few ones yet, greater size than 50x50), normal (50x50), mid (35x35, not all has this size), mini (21x21) and ultramini (16x16). There are also animated icons. Animated icons are done only on request.You can also add a minus before the term you want to be excluded from the search "XXXX by:linux-r
Final: extra tipsA. Tips I: . Those are tips for doing searches. They are valid for all users, but the examples are focused into finding my icons. You can ignore the part about llamas.
C. Real tips start here.
1. You can press control+e in any text field and that will let you access to the HTML mode. You can use HTML tags. You can see more here:  and  and 
2. You can search by "title:example". The results will show only deviations with "example" in the title:
A. stock
B. title:stock
This is better explained in Operators explained IOperators explained II
(the examples are from Jixyn-Tan as I did this part as a reply
About copying codes About vanishing icons, -1 and HTML modeThe most interesting tip when this happens, would be to be able to enter into the HTML mode for making a backup of a lenghty description.
When in HTML mode (that you enter with Control+E) you can save a description into a TXT notepad and have a copy if something happens to the description.
There is also another bug that I hope that don't appears to you. It appears with certain trigger words like "technical support". If you write that in any description the description turns into "-1" and you can lost everything in the description.
That is why is good idea to save the code of a description.
There are certain things to know about this. You can add as much icon as you want when in rich mode that most probably they won't vanish. Is when you reload the description (like editing again or coming from HTML mode) when the editor have problems to load all icons again and just remove them.
So, when you finish a description, you press Control+E and you can copy all the description to s
About the anti-spam filters of deviantartAnti-spam filters in deviantart I think that are good, they have a trigger (X comments in X minutes), and also based in the content of the message, and a precaution time: if you do again, you will have a longer penalization over time (like 15 minutes without being able to comment).
Well, I think this, and the overall response of community keep the site off spam in general.
But what happens when deviantart blocks links that are perflecty sane?  I have come across a couple of art sites that are flagged here and I don't think they were because of spam.
So, I found a way of avoid these specific protections. But I am worried about spammers getting know of this and they of course may want to apply it on their sites, and deviantart will now and will deactive also this option... so, if any of you want to posts comments with its link to an art site with your profile but the site is flagged for no reason, you can send me a comment in this journal and I will send you a note about you how to
About linksSo, I percieved I am saying this tips a lot to different people, so, as is normal, I am stopying telling individually this and instead, redirecting people to this journal that explain basically the same.
So when you want to link an external page in deviantart you have plenty of options:
Copy (Control+C) (from the url bar Exclamation mark Icon ultramini, we'll see later why) and paste (Control+V) directly in the text field. Pasting from the url bar guarantees that you have also copied the http:// at the beginning. The url pasted should have a underline.With some browsers the underline don't appear (for example new versions of Chrome in Windows). But if there is an http:// at the beginning it will show as a link. Example: has the consecuence that if you want to edit, you can't easily change the "title of the url". See down.
Using "Add media" → "Link". (this will let you to edit the link and g

General about icons or this gallery

About composed iconsHello! :)
So, I'll stop to personally telling people how to properly use composed icons so I think I should do a substitute in some way. I'll just comment with a link to this journal and send a llama too.
Here are some examples and the general procceding.
When you use composed icons, you might want to remove the blank spaces that the add media leave after each icon.
So, when you have this: (1) You can improve it by removing the central space, like this (2)
(1)                 →   (2)
Yandere-simulator Wiki Icon 1/2 Yandere-simulator Wiki Icon 2/2Yandere-simulator Wiki Icon 1/2Yandere-simulator Wiki Icon 2/2
Marvel (2012) Icon 1/2 Marvel (2012) Icon 2/2Marvel (2012) Icon 1/2Marvel (2012) Icon 2/2
Genly Inc. (unicorn, black) Icon 1/2
FAQ #1: Can I use an icon in my mobile phone?Answered Question #1
Can I use an icon in my mobile phone?
a) Yes, but it is a bit tedious You need to remember this code:
<da:emoticon id="XXXXXX" profile="deviation">* and replace the XXXXX with the numbers of the icon
Pretty cat (animated) Icon 
b) anyway you can also paste the URL and it will transform in the icon. But this only works in comments (not profile comments for example, nor descriptions) and has a limit. Pasting URL is like pasting the :thumbcode: There is a limit of 5 images. While using the other method, there is not.
(they will start to fail from here, although when editing I see them perfectly) 
Pretty cat
I do requests of code/composition of descriptionsI can do requests of templates of descriptions. With a template a description looks better and is easier to manage.
I can also improve the look of a description and add format and also, teach how I did so you can modify for yourself.
I do this without any charge, for free.
All requests will be shared through pastebin so with a URL shortener you can have a template in a webpage very accesible.
For example if you have a facebook, youtube, twitter, tumblr,, patreon, instagram, vk,, artfight, etc etc I can make a description that looks fancy with all of those links.
Example 1 (all links are void):
Facebook Icon hq ultramini Facebook Youtube (text version) Icon ultramini Youtube Twitter Icon ultraminiYoutubeTumblr Icon ultramini Tumblr 
About watching this galleryFirst of all, thanks for watching.
Second, you may have watched me because I commented or faved one of your works.
So, you need to know these things:
1) This account is not very suitable to be watched. Sometimes I upload funny gifs and artistic reinterpretations of other people stocks but the main focus of the account are icons of software and companies so they will be the main number of publications.
2) I can publish over 1000 works in a week. Your global stack has a limit of 10.000 deviations (after that is reached, old ones start to dissapear automatically). So, think about this.
3) You may want to watch me about tricks and to know about this accoun to remember the search tips or to have a better access to the icons. You can do all of that without the need to watch all my deviations.
You can unwatch my deviations, but I will be still in your contact list, so you can find me easily etc:

Also, take a look to these journals:

About specific icons

For people using Olympic icon :) thanksHello! :happybounce:You used this emote  Olympic Icon mid/Olympic Icon  I adapted to dA (Thank you very much! :D (Big Grin))
I write you just for 3 things:1. You can use my emotes as you please. Like showing which medium/program you used to make a deviation or your social media.2. If I don't have a logo of a program, material or social media, tell me!!3. Have a llama! Aww and if you need anything, here I am :D (Big Grin)ps.I hope this comment don't bother you. Here are some extra tips/
Hi! Greetings!
Cthulhu iconsI love to do them :D I have a couple of suggestions already, so I think I should do a journal about it. I will also mention in the comments the people who used them so, they can come here and see if they are interested and propose new ones :D
Also, just mention that the Cthulhu for president, the cute Cthulhu and the green Cthulhu (the base of the rest) are not mine, but I have adapt them from the campagin of Cthulhu for president by xalres [1], from this incredible cute artwork by Mayderu [2] and from a Creative Commons image of Wilmonjv/Paranoia-panorama [3].
[1]: Cthulhu for President
[2]: Kthulhu Baby
[3]: Pai Cthulhu/Cthulhu
About cute animals iconsSo, the thing is faboarts allowed some time ago to do this Squirrel Icon (animacion)  out of his wonderful and lovely 
I asked if I could do more and I remember that he allowed me to do others. I haven't had time (and I still I don't lol) but if any of you wants another icon of a cute animal, what animal would you choose? I'll do some icons after coming back.
The most cute starts here:
I'll send this to all people using Squirrel Icon (animacion)
Edit: Also to the people using Parrot Icon (animated) or Red Panda Icon (animation)
Also another interesting journals


Phasing out some notifications about icons. Just a llama. No notes.
So, is blocked. Why it would be ? WIX hates IBM or something?

If you put in a description the description will transform into "1".

More examples of this:

2) "technical support"
3) a russian art site that I don't remember right now.

So I ended with mentions, even those from almost a year ago :D
0-mentions by linux-rulesSo, now I will start with comments. :D
according to Archive team (sourced in press) miiverse will close down at November 7th, 2017 at 10:00pm Pacific Time. As mentioned in their article:… there are a way to download all of the art of your user. I think that need to be known.

Also in there you can see the structure of the page (all the post/art/comments of an artist).

That can be saved to Internet Archive or I know how to do that very easily, but any of you can save also yours with the addecuated tools: or, easier, using bookmarklets:

I am here to reply any question! also, if any of you have the request to save their comments/etc tell me the user and I will do.
I didn't know that Blizzard had so many parent companies. It is just endless...
Very very happy for Syria today!!! 

Victory sign Object ultramini Victory sign Object ultramini Victory sign Object ultramini  Flag of Syria Icon Flag of Syria Icon Flag of Syria Icon Flag of Syria Icon Victory sign Object ultramini Victory sign Object ultramini Victory sign Object ultramini

The SAA have broken the siege that the terrorist group daesh imposed to Deir Ez Zor for 3 years, 1 month and 3 weeks.

200,000 are now near to be free from the despicable terrorism group that have threatened their lifes, imposed their fanatism over their children!

Lets hope that is near the real end of the nightmare that syrian people have walk through! 

Half of the city has still to be liberated. Then it will go the rest of East Syria and Idlib where Al Qaeda terrorist have a majority control!

I would dedicate a word for saudies goverment and private donors but today I am so happy for this that I will post just the celebrations and just forget for a while about those people that are injecting weapons and financing terrorism worldwide.

(premature) Celebrations in Deir Ez Zor

Celebrations today in Frankfurt: 
Celebration today in Deir Ez Zor:
hello! I just wanted to point out that screenshots are very easy to fake in no time. If you want to archive a message and show it as proof you can use web cache (you have to replace the %s) or with a combination of all of them.
Animation process:

it is only semiautomated, so thats why I only do animation on request.
Well, I should take a break from this. I did lately so much icons. Also, I downed my notifications to 1200 (less than 1000 mentions :D) .
Seems like I have been able to down my notifications and to relocate some petitions to the tracking journal. There are always infinite icons TO-DO but I think I have advanced a lot (specifically 103 icons since yesterday).

So, one week or so of break :D

I feel a bit down, so I am going to do more icons...


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